The curious case of Spotify collage generator

Published by Dev Kordes on 01/26/2020

My Spotify collage generator side project that I released in June 2018 suddenly started getting a lot of traction at the end of January 2019. Why?


Laravel IoC, mocking, tests - practical example

Published by Dev Kordes on 10/30/2019

Practical example on how to use Laravel's IoC container to mock external API call in our unit tests. This post shows how to set up our classes for easy testability and then mock then in our unit tests.


Google Stadia - exciting new gaming platform

Published by Dev Kordes on 09/25/2019

Google Stadia is Google's bet on cloud gaming, allowing you to play games in up to 4k on just about any device. Exciting! But will it work?


Serializing Eloquent Resources to an Array

Published by Dev Kordes on 08/17/2019

Laravel resources are a great way to transform your database models into an API response. But they can be tricky when all you need is for the resource to return a recursively serialized array which wouldn't be returned directly in a http response


Laravel and n + 1 problem

Published by Dev Kordes on 06/12/2019

How to deal with an inherited Laravel project that has numerous n + 1 query problems spread throughout it.


Thoughts on TypeScript

Published by Dev Kordes on 05/25/2019

TypeScript's rise in the JavaScript world is undeniable. I've been dabbling in it for the past year and recently rewrote my blog using TS. Here are some thoughts


Ruby on Rails vs Django vs Laravel: Popularity

Published by Dev Kordes on 04/13/2019

Popularity comparison of the big 3 productivity-focused MV* backend frameworks. PHP's Laravel, Python's Django and Ruby's Ruby on Rails.


Creating your own Sublime Text 3 snippets

Published by Dev Kordes on 04/11/2018

Help your wrists and boost your day to day productivity with your own Sublime snippets. It's really easy.


Setting up Laravel Mix for a React project

Published by Dev Kordes on 03/24/2018

This post explains how to setup Laravel Mix for a React app with linting and hot reload enabled, without actually depending on Laravel.


My first hackathon

Published by Dev Kordes on 02/23/2018

Reminiscing about my first 24-hour coding hackhathon, back in 2015, that kickstarted my love for hackathons. It helped that our team won.


Publishing my first public composer package

Published by Dev Kordes on 02/06/2018

Two weeks ago I published my first composer package - a thin wrapper around Guzzle for fetching finance data from Alpha Vantage API. It actually got downloaded a couple of times.


Google Page Speed 100/100 with React

Published by Dev Kordes on 12/22/2017

How I reached 100/100 Google Page Speed score for this website with React/React-redux/Radium and server side rendering.


Rewriting blog frontend to React

Published by Dev Kordes on 12/09/2017

I decided to try React a month or two ago and then rewrote frontend of this blog from Vue js to React. First impressions.


Hearths card game in Go

Published by Dev Kordes on 09/18/2017

I stripped down my old idea for an online multiplayer hearths cards game to just a simple playable hearths card game "package". And actually finished it this time.


PHP vs Go sorting performance

Published by Dev Kordes on 08/30/2017

Expanding on my really really simple "benchmarking" thingy that I described a few blog posts ago, I decided to add a more precise benchmarking category - a sorting algorithm.


Vegas pt. 1 - The Culture Shock

Published by Dev Kordes on 08/04/2017

I went to Vegas to see Defcon 25. This post will sidetrack from my usual programming & IT stuff to talk about the Vegas (and US) experience as a European tourist.


Lumen vs Golang API performance

Published by Dev Kordes on 07/20/2017

Recently I decided to rewrite backend API for this blog from Laravel (php) to Golang. The performance difference locally seemed huge so I wrote a simple hands-on API to "benchmark" it on production as well.

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